Please find below the provisional program for the Carbon Fibre Futures Conference.

Please note this program is provisional and subject to change at any time with the organisers discretion.

Tuesday February 28th
5pm – 7pm Welcome Reception

The Pier Geelong

Wednesday March 1st 
Registration Opens
9:20 Official Opening and Welcome from Professor Peter Hodgson (Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Deakin University)
9:30 Welcome from Derek Buckmaster (Director, Carbon Nexus)
9:40 Welcome from Professor Russell Varley (Carbon Nexus)
9:50-10:50 Keynote 1
Mr Andrew Stevens
Chairman of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre
Transforming Australian Manufacturing
Morning Tea
Advanced Manufacturing Carbon Fibre Future Directions
11:30 Tim Olding (Quickstep, Australia), Advancement in Curing Cycle Times – Quickstep Qure Process Geoff Germon (Talon Technology, Australia) – Low Cost Carbon Fibre and Consumer Products – A new way of thinking for the composites industry.
11:50 Ashley Denmead (Carbon Revolution, Australia) – Design considerations for advanced composite automotive wheels Brian Gooden (Furnace Engineering, Australia) – Static simulation of the carbon fibre production Process
12:10 Sebastian Stolle (Herzog Braiding Machines) – Production of advanced carbon fibre structures with radial braiding technology Mark Stiyer (Despatch, USA) – Impact of Split-Zone Technology on Oxidation Cycle Time and Cost of Carbon Fiber Production
13:30-14:30 Keynote 2
Professor Chun Wang
University of New South Wales
Deformable strain sensors and electrical conductors using structured nano-carbon composite
Advanced Manufacturing Modelling and Composites Characterisation
14:30 Dejan Stevanovic, “Defence Export Controls: Exporting advanced composite materials and related technologies” Ross Marceau  (Deakin University) – Atom Probe Tomography of Carbon Fibre
14:50 Mandy DeSouza (Carbon Nexus, Deakin University) – The Development of an Automoative Composite Seat Back Baris Demir  (Deakin University) – Molecular level prediction of structure/property relationships in functionalised carbon fibre epoxy composites
15:10 Dr Mahbube Subhani (Deakin University), Timber -CFRP Composite Beams for Civil Infrastructure Mathew Joosten (Deakin University) – Simulating Damage Inception and Progression in Notched Composite Laminates
Afternoon Tea
Innovative Materials of the Future Carbon Fibre Future Directions
16:00 Rudolf Hufenus (EMPA, Switzerland) – Enhanced damping of carbon fiber-reinforced composites by novel liquid-core fibers Cliff Eberle (ONRL, USA) – Carbon Fiber Production from Textile Acrylics
16:20 Sima Kashi (Deakin University) – A Comprehensive Study of Semi-conductive Graphene Nanocomposites Semyon Kishilov (UMATEX) Carbon fibre developments from UMATEX
16:40 Srini Nunna (Deakin University) Evolution of Radial Heterogeneity in the Thermal Stabilization of PAN fibers Maxime Maghe (Deakin University) – Using ionic liquids to reduce energy consumption of carbon fibre production
17:00 Closing remarks for day 1
17:30 Bus transportation to Gala Dinner
Gala Dinner
Mount Duneed Estate
22:00 Return bus transportation from Gala Dinner
Thursday March 2nd 
8:30 Registration opens
9:00-9:05 Welcome and notices Day 2
9:05-9:15 Welcome from Professor Jane den Hollander AO, Vice-Chancellor Deakin University
9:15-10:00 Keynote 3
Prof. Jeff Wiggins
University of Southern Mississippi
Evolution of Carbon Fibre Morphology:  Considerations of PAN Copolymer Precursor Design
10:00-10:45 Keynote 4
Richard Taube
Ford, Australia
Automotive Composite Manufacturing
Morning Tea
Advanced Manufacturing New Precursor Technologies
11:30 Bronwyn Fox (Swinburne University, Australia), Translational Research in Carbon Fibre Composites and the Factory of the Future Andreas De Palmenaer (RWTH Aachen University) – Polyethylene as a suitable precursor material for future carbon fibre production
11:50 Sam Tucker (Boeing), The Next Decade of Carbon Fiber Composites:  Opportunities and Challenges Azam Oroumei (Deakin University),  Lignin derived precursor system for production of carbon fibre
12:10 Nishar Hameed (Swinburne University) Novel Resins for Advanced Composites Jackie Cai (CSIRO, Australia) – CSIRO Research Update: New Developments in PAN Precursor Technology for Cheaper, Greener, and Better Performing Carbon Fibres
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:30 Keynote 5:
Daniel Pichler
CarbConsult, GermanyStatus and Outlook for the Maturing Carbon Fiber Industry
Advanced Manufacturing New Precursor Technologies
14:30 Andre Duarte (ACS- Australia Pty Ltd), “Revolutionising the Assembly of Composite Structures” Minoo Naebe (Deakin University), “Carbon fiber precursor research at Carbon Nexus”
14:50 Dr Nigel St John, (DSTG), Trends and Issues for Carbon Fibre Use in Naval Applications Jasjeet Kaur (CSIRO) – Flow properties of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) based polymer solutions: understanding of shear and extensional rheology during solution spinning
15:10 Brad Dunstan (Multimatic) – Carbon Fibre Composites at the Cross-Roads Bronwyn Laycock (UQ, Australia) – The production of carbon fibre from polyethylene – the case for a gas phase reaction process
15:30-16:00 Afternoon Tea
Advanced Manufacturing Surface Modification and Characterisation
16:00 Floreana Coman (FCST) – The art and science employing carbon tows for new applications Luke Henderson (Deakin University) – Electrochemical Modification of Carbon Fibre for Enhancing Fibre-to-Matrix Adhesion
16:20 Ganga Prusty (UNSW, Australia) – Automated Fibre Placement: Parameter optimisation and Selective Reinforcement Linden Servinis (Deakin University) – Carbon Fibre Surface Control: The click reaction
16:40 Riyadh Al-Ameri (Deakin University) – Upgrading Civil Infrastructures using Structural Carbon Fibre Composites  Nisa Salim (Deakin University), “New precursors designs for advanced carbon fibres”
16:40 Closing remarks for day 2
17:30 Bus transportation to Carbon Nexus
BBQ and poster session at Carbon Nexus
20:00 Return bus transportation to Geelong

Friday March 3
9:15 Bus Transportation to Avalon International Airshow
10:00-11:30 Morning Tea available at the Victorian Government Chalet
13:00 Shuttle bus return to Geelong
14:00 Final Shuttle bus return to Geelong

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